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Best Spray Tan Solution

Full Body Spray Tan Solution

Whatever the occasion – wedding, birthday, date, vacation or just because, Solrae’s collection of salon and professional full body spray tan solution will give your clients instant satisfaction of a perfect, safe, sunkissed tan look. We promise this is the best spray tan solution you'll find on the market! And we know it is the safest. Our entire spray tan solution line is made of naturally derived, organic and vegan, chemical-free ingredients. We care about what goes on your body, ensuring it is safe for everyone. We stand by our fresh made products that are sure to give your clients the most naturally looking full body spray tan.

Try Our Premium Spray Tan Solution

Not sure about the tan tones? Most of our solutions can be mixed to make the perfect shade for you or your clients. Our solutions allow you to customize your clients tans to meet their exact specifications and requests. Ask us which combinations work best based on skin tone and desired tan color.     


1) When can I Shower After a Spray Tan?

Ans: You must stay dry for 8-10 hours (this also means no sweating). After that, your tan has completely developed. It will not continue to get darker.

When you shower for the first time, you may see some of your tan coming off – don’t be alarmed; that is just the bronzer. You will be the perfect shade of tan.

2) How Does Spray Tanning Work?

Ans: Spray tanning is a safe alternative to sun tanning. Spray tan solution contains DHA – Dihydroxyacetone. DHA is derived from sugar cane and sugar beets. DHA for short, reacts with the skin’s amino acids and upper most exposed layer of skin.

Solrae’s entire spray tan solution product line is gluten-free, paraben-free, erythrulose-free and fragrance-free.

3) What to Wear after a Spray Tan?

Ans: After your spray tan, we recommend dark, loose clothing. Avoid tight clothes as it will make it hard to put on your clothes afterwards and could rub off the solution. It is also helpful to wear flip flops if weather permits.

Another tip is to bring a towel with you, if you have light car interior, so you can put it on your seat.

4) How Long does a Spray Tan Last?

Ans: A spray tan will last roughly 7-10 days. However, if you are in chlorine or salt water, it is likely to last only a few days.

Your spray tans longevity all depends on how you care for your skin afterwards. For example, if you keep your skin hydrated, it is less likely to fade quickly. The tan will naturally fade as your skin exfoliates, so anything you do to speed up that process will affect your tan.

5) How often Should You Spray Tan?

Ans: It is up to you! If you are just looking for a spray tan for special events, then we always suggest either a day or two before your event, so your tan shade is most fresh.

If you would like to maintain a year-round glow, we suggest getting a spray tan every two weeks.

Scheduling your spray tan will help you keep up with appointments, but how often you spray tan will also depend on how well you look after your tan, and your skin type as well.

6) Does Spray Tan Transfer onto Clothes?

Ans: It can! But only while the solution is on your skin, that is why we recommend you wear dark, loose clothes home after your spray tan. After your first shower, you are free to wear whatever you like, with no worries.

7) What to do after a Spray Tan?

Ans: After your Solrae spray tan, you will have to be super careful not to get wet for the amount of time needed to develop your tan. Your spray tan specialist should tell you the recommended time, which will depend on the solution you were sprayed with.

Some other tips...

  1. Avoid any type of exfoliant, this includes harshly rubbing your skin
  2. While the solution is still on your skin, avoid others touching your skin as it can transfer
  3. While the solution is still on your skin be careful around slobbery animals or animals who like to lick
  4. Stay moisturized!
  5. Avoid products that are oil- based, or those that contain alcohol, or mineral oil
  6. Use sunscreen! Solrae spray tans and at home tanners do not block UV rays.