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Love the Skin You’re In

Posted by Kendal Rudolph on
Love the Skin You’re In

Your skin, the largest organ of the body, deserves to be taken care of. Skin is not only an organ, it performs many very important functions. According to Skin Site, our skin is made up of several layers, including the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. Since the skin is the outer layer of our bodies, it provides important protection for all of the other organs as well as the bones, ligaments, muscles and nerves. It provides both a barrier to keep toxins and other foreign substances out of the body as well as a pathway to allow the body to secrete toxins that build up inside it.

This is why it is important that people pay close attention to what they put on their bodies and expose their skin to. Let’s learn about what you can do to protect your skin and why it is safe to use our self-tanner products.

Our Story

Every time my husband went to the dermatologist I would get a phone call that they had to take a biopsy. After several skin cancer scares and warnings, I said enough is enough! We had to find a safer way to be tan - because who doesn't love a good tan? We all know I do!

We both tried spray tans and wound up orange every time. I needed to get to the bottom of this issue. Not only were the products people using horrible, they were expensive! I was on a hunt to find not only the perfect brown shade of tan, but also at a reasonable price.

Solrae Sunless Tanning Story

I started doing my research and began networking with people in the industry. I bought my own equipment and tested various brands. I finally found one I loved and began a great relationship with the owner. After receiving lots of compliments and requests, I started spray tanning other people. It felt good to make them feel more confident at a super affordable price.

Over time and lots of conversations, I decided to develop my own product. And if you know me and my brand now, you know that products turned plural; and... here we are! Now I have a whole line of solutions for professional spray tan artists and at home self-tanners for every preference. These are all sourced and hand chosen by me!

Pay Attention to What Is In Products

As I was researching tanning solutions, I noticed a lot that had ingredients in them that I would rather not have on my skin. It is important to me to make sure the product I created was something that could be used on an ongoing basis. I also wanted something that is natural, organic, cruelty and vegan free as these traits are important to me as I know they are important to others. As the creation developed, I knew that our products also had to be Paraben-free and Erythrulose free. We avoid parabens because they have been linked to breast cancer and only act as a preservative. While shelf life is important, it is more important that we avoid any cancer-causing agents. If I wouldn’t put it on my own skin, I wasn’t going to push it to others.

Protecting Your Skin

Since my husband went through a couple of cancer scares, we now know how important it is to protect our skin. Even though our skin does naturally shed, grows back and heals, we need to protect it and care for it as best as we can. Daily moisturizing is vital. Twice a day we should be adding hydration to our skin, from head to toe! Solrae’s products can help to add moisture to the skin, but we always suggest using your favorite lotion products to help our solutions last longer on your skin. 

Another way to protect your skin is to avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time. If that means you don’t get that tan when you go to the beach, it is 100% OK! You are actually protecting your whole body from those harmful rays. That is why Solrae’s products were created. So spend your day at the beach with a hat, proper clothing and sunscreen, but then use Solrae’s products afterwards to look like you truly did just lay out for hours! Years down the road, your body will thank you.

Be Safe With Sunless

The only way to have a safe tan is to use sunless tanning products. It is never a good idea to expose your skin to harmful UV rays or tanning beds. Even when you use sunscreen, it is so hard to use them properly and to make sure you are getting every inch of your skin. Not to mention constantly reapplying. It is nearly impossible to be so accurate when outdoors that it just becomes easier to be proactive in hiding

Take the safe route and be a naturally bronzed beauty, just with organically derived products!

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